Unapologetic Rebel™ Society Inner Sister Circle Experience

£8000/Year Or £797/Month

An advanced circle design to help you go deeper into the topics, who you are as a woman, your intimacy with your Self, your sisters and your community.

What if there was a safe space where as a black woman you can become the amazing version of your Self you see in your head – the most authentic version of YOU in all your brilliance?  

Here's a secret: There is!

Don’t knock it without reading on. If you feel like it was a waste of your time, I’ll give you a 20 minute free consultation so you can vent to me about how annoyed you are and why!

I know you won’t need it because I’ve create a space where you can live boldly and confidently on your terms guided by the pure inner joy of your truth as opposed to shrinking and conforming to the expectations of others, only to find yourself always last on the list – even your own list.

Can you relate to any of this?

You feel heavy, lost, broken and unworthy because of past traumas, betrayals, hurt and the inner conflict on having to hide your truth for fear of judgement, rejection, shame or guilt.  You only allow yourself to go so far.

You fear what you are truly capable of so you shrink and dim your light to avoid success and failure to fit into other people’s expectations of who and what you are and can be.

You don’t have a circle – not any or many people in your corner cheering you on, boosting your spirits or celebrating your strengths and wins.

You’ve internalised the views and demands of others and society to the point where you have condemned yourself and all of your potential to self-damnation.


If YES, then you are in the right place...

Let me introduce you to the Unapologetic Rebel™ Society

Designed to give black women the safe space they so need to heal, break free, reclaim their power and live boldly and confidently with purpose, peace in honour of their truth.  

The Unapologetic Rebel™ Society is a collective for and where those who are ready and willing to question and step outside the status quo can rock some boats and ruffle some feathers as they own their truth and choose to show up in their brilliance instead of shrinking.

I faced racial discrimination and stood in my truth against it.  I paid the price and went on to live through the resulting depression, anxiety, long term unemployment.  I know all too well hoe lonely, overwhelming and heavy it can be from the workplace to our very families and homes.  I bore it all, until I committed to healing and decide that my past will no longer swallow me , my gifts, talents, abilities or vision.

I faced my truth, owned it and and continue to learn and grow in honouring it more and more each day.  It is my hope that you will find the space to start or get a boost from your journey as part of the Unapologetic Rebel™ Society where we will work together to help you OWN YOUR TRUTH WITHOUT APOLOGY. 

In case you want to know what’s included, here you go:

In addition to full access to everything in the Unapologetic Rebel™ Sister Circle you will also benefit from:

Monthly Personal Accountability and Coaching Sessions with access to recordings

Personalised Road Map Action Plan and Progress Tracker

Personalised support and feedback

BONUS ***Half-price 5 days 4 nights destination retreat (Worth £3500)

BONUS ***FREE Monthly Sharing Circle access for six months (Worth £594)

You've got two choices:

Make do by continuing to do it alone


Choose to step into your truth and power with support and love

What will you choose? 

The Unapologetic Rebel Society for...

You who has a desire to Live in your full truth and power; Experience the gift of self-acceptance; Connect more deeply with yourself and others to foster authenticity, freedom and intimacy; Trust your Self, Life, God and others; Build a community of black women who will stand with and for each other a a foundation for our community.

You who are tired of feeling down, or anxious most of the time and are ready for a little lightness in your life.

You who feel like the whole world is against you, and realize that may not be true, but don’t know how to switch that mindset.

You who feel like you are too negative, or have been told you are negative and want to reverse that negativity and instead attract people because of how happy and upbeat they are (Genuinely. We don’t do fake.)

You who feel broken and lonely, or like everyone around them just takes and they are left empty and drained at the end of the day.

The Unapologetic Rebel Society is not for...

You if you’re looking for a magic pill for healing. That doesn’t exist – this Society will involve actively encourage introspection and work.

You if you want something for nothing. Life transformation comes at a cost, and the investment in yourself is the first step to actually allowing yourself to open up to receive. You will have to invest time, effort and finances.

You if you’re judgmental AND unwilling to change that way of being.  If that is you, this society are not a good fit for you.

You live to make excuses, enjoy shrinking or have no interest in honouring your truth.

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