Focusing on the mental, physical and emotional, this coaching programme is designed to help you build a compelling vision of where you want to be.

Do you feel disconnected from your true self, your dreams, your purpose, and what matters most?  Do you have a vision that you want to bring to life or are you struggling to create one?

Are you struggling to move past your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors? 

Are you tired of living a life based on other people’s expectations of who you “should” be and do that is spinning out of control? 

Are you determined to make a change and live life on your terms?

I can help.  With your commitment and my coaching I can help you redesign your life.

The direction of the programme is completely customized to meet your needs.


  • You are feeling out of your depth.
  • You lack confidence in your ability.
  • You have no time for yourself and feel constantly tired.
  •  You feel your life is spinning out of control and away from what you want.
  • You are ready to embrace who you are and reconnect with yourself.
  • You are ready to take personal responsibility for your own happiness.
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to break free from the things that limit you and experience a new freedom and happiness.
  • You are committed to taking determined action to bring your dreams and vision to life.


  • You will reconnect, appreciate, and embrace your most authentic self and give yourself permission to prioritise YOU.
  • Uncover and envision exactly what you want and understand why it’s important to you so you can have true clarity and motivation to move forward.
  • Set your intention and establish some clear, actionable goals to reduce overwhelm and quickly start moving towards your most fulfilling future.
  • Produce an action plan to follow that will take you to where you want to be.
  • Discover your strengths and how to harness them to support your vision through habits and behaviours.
  • You  will develop the tools, confidence, strategies you need to move forward, beyond fears, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and self-sabotage, in a way that feels good and is authentic to YOU.


As your coach, I promise you I will show up for you and be there every step of the way.

I will listen to you and create a safe space for you to figure things out.  We will have deep and meaningful conversations, and fun and light-hearted ones too. I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone in faith and confidence.  We will take it a little slower when you need that too. More than anything, I will help you (re)discover what you are capable of and the possibilities for your life, even when you cannot see it yourself to begin with.

All I ask is that you give this process 100% too. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come and how different you feel from taking small daily steps in the direction of your dreams.




  • Pre-Session Questionnaire
  • One 120-minute deep dive to assess your questionnaire and map out a plan of action for our journey together
  • 12 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Free email support between sessions
  • Weekly 15 minutes booster calls between sessions as needed
  • Access to my Facebook community to reinforce positive mind-set
  • Kick Start Workbook to provide more support
  • A range of highly effective coaching tools and activities to support your learning
  • One 60 minute follow-up call to check progress 1 week after the programme end