Paradigm Shift Pathway

Your Door to healing, freedom, power, purpose and peace

Release your Trauma !
Embrace your Wholeness !
Reclaim your Power !
Remember your purpose !
Enjoy your Peace !

You are tired of shrinking.

You're no longer willing to dim your light to make others comfortable.

You're no longer willing to dim your light to make others comfortable.

You are ready to uncover and shine in the fullness of your power and greatness.

Between choices, family, faith and society, we as women lose our way.

We lose sight of all that we are - OUR DIVINITY and limitless power and possibilities.

The Paradigm Shift Pathway is for you if:

  • You are ready to stop living behind the veil.
  • If you are ready and willing to commit to radically reclaim your truth, power and greatness then this is the perfect starting point.
  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed and have been battling for years with a sense of unhappiness and emptiness but struggle with putting your finger on the root cause.

Make the shift of your lifetime

  • This pathway is designed to open the door of possibilities for not only you but for your world
  • Reclaiming your power and freedom will give you a new lease of life to create meaningful and fulfilling change because:
    • You will start your journey to healing past traumas, hurt and betrayal
    • The way you see yourself will shift and so that you have the confidence to go after the life your dream of
    • You will understand and start tapping into the power of forgiveness
    • You will be better able to develop and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of life

You will experience and create radical change...


Those parts of you that you've had to cover, dim, block out even are now loved and that love soothes your soul so you are able to start letting go.


That pit of emptiness you've lived with for years is no longer there. You have sight of your purpose and can now consciously walk in it.


You've redefined comfort and success. Now you get to paint the masterpiece of the next chapter of your life - ON YOUR TERMS.


That space of assurance, calmness and inner knowing will open up to you and you will be able to access and enjoy it more readily.


You rediscover the indomitable power in you and how you can use it time and time again to create life on your terms for the benefit of your world.


Your values, purpose and path are clear. You have a clear sense of direction and the things that serves you best and bring you the most joy.

What you get...

  • 16 x weeks of professional and committed support
  • 25% saving on all Live events and retreats for 1 year from registration
  • 25% saving on all premium services for 1 year from registration
  • 2 x 1 hour 1 to 1 coaching calls
  • 1 x 3 hour group masterclass and workshop
  • 1 x implementation week
  • 24 hour response window for questions via messenger or email during business hours
  • Worksheets, action guides, affirmations and journaling prompt
  • Pathway workbook

Act Now and you also get...

  • An EXTRA 15% saving on Live events and retreats for 1 year from registration for you and up to 3 friends so you all save 40 %
  • 1 x 2 hour 1 to 1 intensive or after the Paradigm Shift Pathway

buddies recommending me

Tilern's coaching flows into your spirit to touch you where you need it to effect a change that will shift you into moving in a power you have but did not engage at the moment.
S Baptiste
I have seen Tilern work her gentle take-off magic on two other people now. So I am really just saying, if you want to flourish put Tilern on your flight team!
B Morris
Hi Tilern, Thank you! It was enlightening... It truly opened me up to a few things I used to hold me back. Thank you.
T Stahancyk