Are you ready to have some Me Time?

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Get your audit to making time for you now!

Completing the checklist will give you: 

  • Clarity on where you are as far as self-care is concerned with a self-care checklist 
  • A list of things you can do for yourself during Me Time
  • Clarity on how much you are giving to yourself and how to you can improve that
  • A pledge of commitment to yourself to make and take time for you


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I know how it is to get so caught up with life that you struggle to find time for YOU: to do the things you enjoy or to simply be.  There are work, business and family commitments.  On top of that there are friendships to be nurtured so you give and keep giving despite the overwhelm and exhaustion.

As a single mom working full-time and running a business I know all too well.  That’s why I have designed a month-long challenge for March to help you learn ways of ensure you HAVE and TAKE time for YOU.  All for £147.

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