Any of this rings a bell for you?

  • Are you ready to stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone that have been keeping you from living the extraordinary life you desire
  • Do you desire to grow and expand into becoming more confident in living as your happiest and most authentic self
  • Do you want to create more peace, joy and laughter in your life and would love to get back to the things you more of these feelings
  • Do you feel stagnant, unable to pull yourself out of the funk that you find yourself in
  • Do you wish you had friends and a community that you can share your dreams and ideas and get honest feedback and support
  • Do you currently lack consistency, resilience and focus because you are a people pleaser helping everyone but yourself
  • Have you read countless self-help books yet can’t seem to make any or the desired progress
  • Do you feel lost, discontented, overwhelmed and frustrated because you thought you knew what you wanted for your life, and now nothing makes sense any more
  • Are you tired of feeling all alone and wish you had someone in your corner that could help you get your life together

Just take a minute and imagine you could...

  • Change your life by stepping into your power as co-creator of your life to design, create and live fully the life you desire
  • Discover what’s been holding you back from what you want and move past needing validation and approval from others before making changes in your life
  • Develop the confidence and courage needed so you can pursue your vision and dreams outside the control of fear fear of failure to achieve anything
  • Push past your comfort zone into a life you desire and deserve that honours the truth of who you are
  • be part of a safe judgement-free space where you can transparent and vulnerable (if you choose to), take off the masks and superwoman cape and share your dreams, ideas, and goals, and even your insecurities AND have someone pour into you
  • You have your tribe of like-minds that you can vibe with that are doing the work to change their lives – just like you and will support you on your journey
  • You have a cheerleader in your corner that believes in you and will encourage you to keep showing up for yourself
  • You are held accountable to do the work and get the support you need so you don’t give up on yourself



  • Monthly Masterclass

    Live monthly themed virtual masterclasses will provide you with each month's focus and actionable steps to help you do the work to carve your own path supplemented by monthly Q&A with laser coaching.

  • Bonus Sessions Co-working Events

    To supplement the experience of the journey, there will be adhoc additional learning opportunities and sessions by guest speakers on various topics.

  • Discounted Networking Events

    Access to exclusive discounts to both Live and virtual events for the duration of your membership including but not limited to retreats.

  • Accountability & Community

    Weekly accountability check-ins where you get to share the personal and professional goals you’re working on and, of course, how you are practicing intentional self-care.

  • Curated Actionable Resources

    To ensure you have the tools and resources you really need to thrive and flourish in your life, you will have access to an intentionally curated content library.

  • Networking & Friendship

    A highly supportive community that fosters building authentic connections and relationships - personal and professional with like minds on a similar path to you.

Follow Your Path is for you if:

  • You’re open-minded, ready and willing to do what’s required of you so you can experience the fulfillment your desire 

  • You need a cheerleader in your corner that will believe in you, support and facilitate you on your personal growth journey and lovingly guide you with honesty and without any fluff 

  • You’re excited to meet others who will become friends and be apart of a highly active and supportive community

What others are saying…

"Working with Tilern allowed me to delve in the depths of my soul to discuss an issue which I had not yet had the courage to vocalize. I felt supremely comfortable with her. She created that safe space I needed to open up about one of my most painful life experiences. I am beyond grateful to her for creating the opportunity for me to initiate my healing. She definitely rocks!"

E.T Harvey

Tilern was pragmatically honest with me and pushed me to constantly step out of my comfort zone; this is what I really needed to achieve my goals, both personally and professionally. With clear and concise guidance from Tilern I was finally able to see and feel the progress I wanted to make for my journey. If it weren't for her, I don't think I would have gathered up the courage to do a lot of things on my own.

J. Anan

"I was being indecisive due to overwhelm. I no longer feel guilty about putting myself first. My advice to anyone thinking of working with Tilern is that they should be fully committed to doing the work as she provides the space to find their true authentic self. They better be prepared to dig in, be open to finding out why and giving themselves permission to be their authentic selves. "

L.M. Mashiri

"I struggled with self acceptance for a long time, thinking I wasn't good enough, I wasn't worth anything to anyone, that the person I was becoming would not be accepted by people who knew me. Now, I've been living my truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY. That makes me smile saying it. Tilern is loving, compassionate and fierce which is great because you want someone strong supporting you."

A.M. Edwards

"If you're thinking of working with Tilern I would say "Go for it, don’t delay! Prior to working with Tilern, I was dealing with a lot of emotional baggage and suppressing my feelings daily. My biggest challenges at the time were being heavily overweight and unhappy in my marriage. As a result of working with Tilern I feel freer and less burdened; I'm focusing on my health and building my own business."

B.S. Balogun

    Follow Your Path is not for you if:

    • You are happy with staying as you are, where you are, with what you now have

    • You won’t commit and invest the time and effort it will take to learn new concepts AND practice what you are learning 

    • You want a quick and easy fix and you’re not willing to put in the work 

    • You are unwilling to stretch and or step outside of your comfort zone and show up for yourself 

    • You aren’t open to meeting and accepting new people without judgement and making new friends

    Community Package

    $199 / month
    • Exclusive Facebook Community for 12 months (VALUE: $997)
    • Monthly Masterclass With Laser Coaching (VALUE: $2,950)
    • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions With Q&A (VALUE: $2,950)
    • Curated Library of Supplementary Resources (VALUE: $1,495)
    • Exclusive Follow Your Path Tribe T-Shirt (VALUE: $30)

    VIP Package

    $247 / month
    • Includes all Community Package Benefits (VALUE: $8,422)
    • Monthly Small Group Coaching Sessions (Value: $3,950)
    • Bi-weekly Small Group Work Sessions (VALUE: $3,950)
    • Exclusive Services and Events Discounts (VALUE: $8,000)
    • Monthly Book Club Membership Meetings (VALUE: $997)

    Elite Package

    $497 / month
    • Includes All VIP Package Features & Benefits (VALUE: $25,319)
    • Personalised Follow Your Path Welcome Pack (VALUE: $ 250)
    • Quartlerly Intensive Setup Coaching Sessions (VALUE: $3,997)
    • Monthly Focused Personal Coaching Sessions (VALUE: $4,950)
    • Bi-weekly Recorded Personalised Support Videos (VALUE: $2,4950)


    No you don’t! The community is designed with with the knowledge that everyone will be at different stages of their journey and the beautiful thing is no matter where you are you’ll be welcome and supported with open arms.

    No. This community is designed to provide support for those on their personal and spiritual growth journey seeking to be free so they can carve their own path to fulfillment. The community is specifically designed for you to be supported in setting a solid foundation and find your forever friends.

    A monthly membership starts at $199 per month depending on the level of support you believe will best serve you for where you are on your journey. The best offer is the annual Community membership for $1990.00 ($398 total savings = two free months).

    No, this is an exclusive and possibly one-time opportunity for this year-long experience. This offer is going away on the 1st September and I don’t know when, if ever, it will be offered again in this existing format.

    I know you’re going to love the membership community, but just in case you don’t it’s really easy to cancel with no questions asked if you have a recurring monthly plan. All annual memberships are final. If you have questions before enrolling, please shoot us an email at support@thrivetoflourish.com.

    This is a twelve-month commitment to YOU.

    On completion of the journey, you’ll have LIFETIME access to the recordings of all of the LIVE group training and coaching calls recorded for the duration of your membership. With lifetime access you’ll be able to review and revisit the training as you grow and transform without being constrained by a set timeline.

    For the Community and VIP Packages, all coaching is offered in a group format with the opportunity to get laser coaching during the masterclass and Q&A calls.

    Group coaching allows the whole community to be inspired by other’s questions, experiences, and insights.  I am within the community to answer any questions you have and provide feedback. You also have access to a supportive community that can offer different perspectives because they are on a similar journey as you.

    Elite Package members only will have access to monthly 1 to 1 coaching.

    All calls will be held live virtually and we will send you the link to attend each time, with the recording available soon after. And with lifetime access to the recordings, you can revisit the training and materials again and again.

    Our twice-monthly calls for the year-long journey will each be approx 60-90 minutes long.

    The Masterclass sessions will be on the 1st Wednesday of every month and the group coaching & Q&A sessions on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. If you can’t make it live you’ll have access to the recordings to listen and watch whenever is convenient.

    You’ll want to spend time taking action on the teachings and the time you invest is totally up to you but of course the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

    Still have questions? 

    Shoot us an email to  support@thrivetoflourish.com

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