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I am Tilern De Bique - your life coach. I work with incredible people... 

Because I believe we are created unique and powerful individuals worthy of living free and fulfilling lives, I work with people who are tired of living within the boxes and dictates of society  to rediscover who they are in order to redefine and live life on their terms in power and authenticity.

Are you feeling like you are alone in your challenges and like no one can relate?  Do you need some inspiration to chase a dream or a goal that everyone else tells you is “just too pie in the sky” or unachievable?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or exhausted with the burden of unfulfilled potential?  Are you filled with many ideas and passions and struggling with where, or how-to, channel them? 

If yes, choose to work with me.  Together we will do discovery and exploratory work and find out exactly what support you need.  We will develop a plan of action that aligns with your values.  Working with me, you will learn to think independently and define happiness, success and fulfillment in your life based on what matters most to YOU.  You will live an incredible life on your terms and thrive.

A product of coaching by Life: I have done and continue to do the real work. 

Life has been my greatest teacher and has helped me to flourish into who I am today.  Ten years ago, I was an unemployed, depressed and over weight new mom with no sense of direction or purpose.  I was a couch potato and even opening the post was a challenge I most often ignored.  I believed that was as much as I deserved despite knowing I had so much potential.  Therefore my biggest battle was within me.

Are you ready to leave your limitations behind?  If yes, choose to work with me.  We will devise a strategy to do this together.  You just have to be open to the process – to change.

Today I know and love exactly who I am. I Thrive and Flourish.

Today I embrace all of who I am – body soul and spirit.  The life I live now is unrecognizable from my life as it was 10 years ago.  A contented, peaceful and happy mother, citizen, employee and entrepreneur is who I am today.  I no longer obsess over the past or fear the future.  I know what it takes to make BIG changes and to free oneself so I know what it takes support you to Flourish, to grow into the best YOU.

Much of our external circumstances are symptoms of the way we think and perceive the world.  Together, we will find what that is, fix it so it aligns with your essence and create a strategy for you to manage it in future.  You too can Thrive and Flourish.

I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

My life experiences, my own coaching experiences coupled with my formal training have enabled me to help you.  I can help you discover and dismantle the thoughts, beliefs and decisions that keep you stuck in the same undesirable  ruts.  Does any of these thoughts sound familiar? I need to be good enough before I can be happy, successful, accepted or have a satisfying relationship.  That job promotion, the new role in the next department is more than I deserve.  I just don’t have the pleasure of taking time to simply be the priority in my own life.  These are all lies.  

Right where you are NOW can be the starting point to the life of joy and peace you deserve.  You too can get the support needed to discover who you are at your core without these limiting beliefs.

I am your supporter: I believe in you. I get you.

I’ve learned the cost of living  by and for the definition of others the hard way so I know very well what is it to have untapped potential and not the sense of direction or method to realise it.  

Like you, I know what it is like to feel longing for more from life – to do and be more.  It has taken you much time and effort to get where you are.   You are full of potential and probably incredibly busy therefore you haven’t been able to accomplish those dreams and goals despite your best efforts.  

What is inaction costing you – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially?

Now is the time for a change – a new approach: now is the time to break the status quo with committed to action to redefine YOU and your life on your terms.  

You have a choice!   Choose to work with me and let us build the foundation for the life YOU choose to live in this second round.

I am Tilern De Bique - your life coach.  I live in London, England.

For coaching sessions I meet with local clients in person while I also work with clients from anywhere by phone or skype.  I know, I know…you don’t want to work over the phone as it doesn’t sound that glamorous.  

It works whether we meet in person or not.  How?  Firstly, I provide the support and framework needed to help you reach your goals from the inside out.  Secondly, we focus on getting you to where you want to be.  Thirdly, you remain committed to agreed actions.

Finally, if our sessions are by phone or Skype you can relax in the comfort of your own environment and watch the change happen.

Ready to thrive? Apply for a free coaching discovery call!