Thrive, Flourish, Bloom...into you

Tilern De Bique

Spirit, woman, daughter, mother, wisdom, strength, power, peace, love and then some.

That’s me and that’s also you.  That’s why I serve as a Liberation and Transformation Coach.

Because of my life expereinces, I have dedicated myself to serving women and supporting balck women who are ready and willing to shift their paradigm to live fully, freely and unapologetically on their terms in alignment with the things that matters most.

Whether for you that is finding joy, passion and purpose; reclaiming your power and confidence to stand up for yourself or shaking off the burdens of shame, guilt and fear, there is a place for you in my 7 step Paradigm Pathway™.

Paradigm Shift Pathway™

The Paradigm Pathway™ is designed to accommodate you wherever you find yourself on your journey of personal and or spiritual growth.

Whether you are facing inexplicable unhappiness, a burning  sense of emptiness or are on the brink of creating a major shift in your life.

Maybe you’ve navigated those early phases are in the thick of feeling disillusioned and lost, longing for meaning and purpose.  There is a space for you.

If you’re beginning to see glimmers of clarity and need a sense of direction  to birth and sustain your breakthrough and vision, then there is a place for you on the pathway too.

If you are battling with inner conflict – torn between your heart’s desires and the fear of judgement and rejection by others, the Paradigm Pathway™ will support and guide you to the freedom you desire as you learn to OWN, SPEAK, LIVE and HONOUR YOUR TRUTH with intentional balance and enjoying the resulting peace and fulfillment.

our services

1 to 1 coaching

Designed to provide a more hands on and laser-focused support you if you’re band new to personal growth and development, are at a point of or planning for a major life transition.

group coaching

If you’re looking for community for support, learn better as part of a group and would prefer a mix then the Unapologetic Rebel™ Society has something that is bound to meet your needs.

retreats & workshops

  These Live Events provide space to step back, ground, refocus, realign, rejuvenate and reset while networking as building relationships as the foundation for collaboration and ongoing support

speaking & consultancy

Tilern is available to speak on various topics about mindset, holistic wellness and wellbeing as well as personal and spiritual growth.  She also consult in L & D for organisational culture change.

Thrive, Flourish, Bloom...into you

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